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For entertainment of vacationers events and concerts are held with both our staff and our guests participating.

During leisure hours everyone can take a walk along the shore of the lake Naroch, take part in sport games, and listen to a concert.

Events held ashore the lake have become traditional in summer. Vacationers take part in comic competitions, water races on boats etc. Guests can play table tennis, volleyball, ride a bike, take part in billiards and darts tournaments, and do Nordic walking.

Rest evenings are very popular here. These are dance nights, acquaintance parties, karaoke, retro dances (with training), “Birthday celebration” and others. Vacationers are actively involved in the national holidays, such as “Pancake Day”, “Midsummer” and others.

For our little vacationers we prepare sporting events, children programs, festivals “Visiting Neptune”, “Santa Claus is inviting!”

Variety of fun contests creates a positive attitude of our guests.

Visiting different parts of Belarus is also popular among vacationers. 

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