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Aerosol Inhalation Room

Inhalation therapy (lat. inhalare – inhale) is the disease treatment and prevention by way of inhaling deliberately sprayed drug substances or the air saturated with salts, essential oils, etc. The main purpose of inhalation therapy is achieving the maximum possible local therapeutic effect in the respiratory passages associated with insignificant manifestations of systemic action. Primary objectives of the inhalation therapy are considered to be the following: enhancing the drainage function of the respiratory passages; sanitizing the upper respiratory tract and bronchial tree; reducing swelling and stimulating regeneration; reducing the activity of inflammatory process; relieving bronchospasms; affecting local immune reactions of the respiratory tract; improving microcirculation in the mucous membrane of the respiratory passages; protecting the mucous membrane from industrial aerosols and pollutants.

Inhalation therapy has a number of advantages as compared to other ways of using drug substances: enhanced physical and chemical activity of substances, minimum systemic impact, absence of side effects, a possibility of creating high local concentration of a substance, etc., therefore it is widely used for medical and preventive purposes. Inhalation therapy can be applied separately or in combination with other physiotherapeutic methods. It is combined with electrotherapy and phototherapy, ultrasound, hydrosudotherapy for one day, which precede the inhalations as a rule.