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Dietary food for vacationers is available at the canteen, consisting of two dining rooms. 5 meals a day are served by preordering from the proposed 7-day menu. The menu varies depending on the time of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Chemical composition and calories of meals are indicated in the menu.

The proposed menu has an expanded range of dishes made of fresh vegetables, fruit and fish.

Water porridges are cooked with dried fruit rich in micro-and macroelements. For a Healthy Nutrition program dishes are cooked by steaming, baking and stewing. Frying is excluded.

Meat dishes are cooked of lean meat and fish, including lake fish (pike, white amur, eel, perch, carp).

The menu includes a number of dishes that have undergone special processing aimed at reducing of cholesterol in animal products.

At the request of vacationers and in case of medical indications fasting days are held on which different diets of individual choice are offered.

In cooking third-course dishes we use natural juices and locally produced berry concentrates.

Consultations of a dietitian are conducted following the prescription of an attending doctor.

Vacationers going on guided tours are provided with dry rations.