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Centimeter Wave Therapy

Centimeter wave therapy (CMW-therapy) is a type of microwave therapy based on the use of centimeter or similar waves for medical, preventive and rehabilitational purposes.

CMW-therapy stimulates reparative process, improves tissue tropism.

Low-frequency CMW stimulate the endocrine system due to increased sensibility of hypothalamus and hypophysis to this factor. The impact of centimeter microwaves is accompanied by increased activity of the adrenal cortex, thyroid and pancreatic glands. Activation of endocrine glands leads to an increase of adrenocorticotrophin, somatotropin, cortisol, thyroxine and insulin level in blood plasma, oppression of immunocompetent cell activity. Increasing intensity of tissue irradiation causes the oppression of sympathoadrenal system function. Hormonal shifts activate adaptation mechanisms and increase nonspecific resistance.

CMW-therapy increases parasympathetic nervous system function, whereby the number of cardiac contraction decreases, arterial blood pressure is reduced.

The effect of CMW improves conditioned reflex activity of brain, increases blood supply, metabolism and neuronal activity of the brain.

CMW in therapeutic doses have a normalizing effect on digestive system function (especially in case of hyperactivity in the initial state), and when applied to the liver area reduce blood clotting ability, improve the core liver functions.

Irradiation of the chest area has a broncholytic and anti-inflammatory effect, speeds up the blood flow in the main pulmonary artery system, improves the respiratory function. CMW stimulate kidney activity, increase renal blood flow and glomerular filtration, exhibit anti-inflammatory activity in case of urogenital pathology.

CMW-therapy is also associated with pain relieving and antipruritic effect based on the reduction of perineural edema, elimination of tissue ischemia and receptor desensitization. Therefore CMW-therapy has an anti-inflammatory, analgetic, vasorelaxant, metabolic, trophic regeneration, dissolving and immunostimulating effect, whereupon there is a number of indications for its use for treatment and prevention purposes.

CMW-therapy is generally applied for treating the following disorders and states: degenerative and dystrophic diseases of joints and the vertebral column (osteochondrosis, bursitis, periarthritis, peritendinitis, arthrosis and arthritis, epicondylitis, sprains, bruises, myositis, etc.), subacute and chronic conditions of the nervous system (neuralgia, neuropathy, plexitis, vertebral osteochondrosis with neurologic manifestations, Parkinson's disease, pneumatic hammer disease, etc.), acute, subacute and chronic inflammation of paranasal sinuses, middle ear, tonsils, oral cavity, subacute and chronic respiratory diseases, haematomas, gastroduodenal ulcer, bronchial asthma, rheumatism, occlusive disorders of peripheral vessels, etc.

The counterindications include malignant neoplasms, systemic blood disorders, hemorrhage, debilitating cardiovascular diseases, febrile state of a patient, epilepsy, complicated ulcer disease, thyrotoxicosis, metallic items in the intervention area, pregnancy (for manipulations in the area of lower abdomen), cataract, glaucoma.