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Complex physiotherapy unit for weight loss

A new and the first apparatus in Belarus for weight loss SLIMLINE OXY POD DELUXE is a combination of innovative technologies, scientific research and many years of clinical observations.

Weight loss by means of metabolism normalization is the only right way to achieve long-term results. SLIMLINE Capsule helps lose weight and maintain its normal level in a natural way, where the burning of calories and metabolism stimulation occur simultaneously. This was made possible through the use of new comprehensive metabolic technology H-O-L.

HEAT – convection heat - increases the intensity of metabolic processes:

- excess calories are diffused efficiently and quickly, thereby creating a negative energy balance which activates the oxidation of endogenous fat, or the necessary balance of energy is maintained in order to support optimized weight;

- cerebral and peripheral blood circulation is improved, oxygen-rich blood reaches awkward areas of fat depots;

- functionality of adaptive resources of the body, cardiovascular and respiratory systems are improved;

- excess fluid and toxins are removed from the body (detoxification effect).

For each degree of increase in body temperature during such a heating-up metabolic rate increases by 6%!

OXYGEN  pure oxygen - increasing the oxidative capacity of the body systems:

- fat burning processes occur more effectively, toxic metabolites are oxidized and removed (lactate, uric acid, etc.);

- skin hypoxia and metabolic acidosis are eliminated;

- oxygen improves mood, increases concentration, reduces emotional tension and normalizes sleep.

LIGHT – biological photic stimulation - the use of a narrow light frequency ranges ensures strictly directed photobiological activity and predictable result:

- activates the biosynthetic and key enzymatic processes, antioxidant system, stimulates the proliferative activity and processes of physiological regeneration;

- strengthens atonic skin resulting from weight loss;

- increases tissue elasticity and reduces wrinkles, increases the synthesis of structural proteins of the skin;

- gentle infrared heat, penetrating the deepest layers of tissue, supports the intensity of metabolic processes at a high level.

Physiological effects

- intense burning of calories - 300-600 calories per session, maintaining a high level of intensity of metabolism within 3 hours after the procedure (further loss of 300 kcal);

- increase in basal metabolism;

- control of appetite;

- prevention of former weight return after the cancellation of a hypocaloric diet.


- weight loss (10 - 20% of the total body weight during the course of 10 treatments) due to fat tissue volume while maintaining muscle mass;

- preservation of the achieved results with a tendency to further weight loss;

- elimination of cellulite;

- lowering cholesterol and glucose levels;

- normalization of blood pressure;

- correction of eating disorders;

- reduction of “dietary depression” manifestations



Violations of regulation and adaptation mechanisms.

Reduction of total resistance.

Reduction of immunoreactivity of the organism.

Alimentary obesity.

Reduced skin tone and turgor.

Psychological and physiological addictions.

Sleep disorders.

Libido disorder.


Individual intolerance.

Hyperthermic state (fever).

Oncological diseases.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system with decompensation.

Presence of an artificial pacemaker.

Severe coronary heart disease.

Post heart attack condition.

Chronic diseases of bronchopulmonary apparatus with signs of decompensation, asthma.

Less than a month after internal hemorrhage.

Mental illness in the acute phase.

Fungal infections of the skin.

Gallstone disease with pain syndrome.



Post-traumatic state (the fracture consolidation stage, traumatic hematoma).

Age factor – for people above 70 years of age.