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Comprehensive programs

Bespoke comprehensive programs are designed and applied in the health resort.  Their advantages include individual approach, offering the most effective procedures (among them paid ones in the main voucher), enhanced medical supervision, intended result.

  • Detoxication and bodyweight optimization
  • “Express-detox”
  • Make Your Wellness
  • Diagnostic and treatment program for gynecological disorders
  • Treatment of arterial hypertension
  • Treatment of arterial insufficiency of lower limbs
  • Treatment of venous insufficiency of lower limbs
  • Treatment of ischemic heart disease
  • Treatment of degenerative disk diseases
  • Treatment of degenerative joint diseases


Detoxication and bodyweight optimization

This program is ideal for people who suffer from overweight, fatigue, depressive states induced by dissatisfaction with their appearance, and problems associated with malnutrition. Overweight promotes cardiovascular diseases (the leading cause of death), diabetes and many others. 

The program has two stages:
  • activation of lymph flow in the body as a whole
  • enhancement of excretory function of the body for active waste removal
Program components:
  • underwater massage treatment
  • lymphatic massage
  • procedures using the Lymphovision apparatus
  • pneumocompression therapy
  • vacumed
  • bathing procedures
  • wrapping in the SPA complex
  • exercise on vacuum devices in the gym
  • lymph-cleaning tee
  • juice therapy
  • mineral water and other (more details available at the web site)

The results are amazing:  blood cholesterol and sugar figures reach norm, the weight comes close to norm,  general state of health improves greatly

The program lasts for 12 days. Arrivals are on Sundays (the treatment regimen for courses lasting longer than 12 days are scheduled individually).

Gynecological treatment and diagnostic program


  • long-lasting pelvic inflammatory disorders during a remission period
  • endometriosis
  • gynecological surgery aftertreatment
  • climacteric syndrome
The program lasts for at least 14 days. Arrivals are on working days
Make Your Wellness program

Our health resort introduces a new unique service designed by our professionals – the Make Your Wellness program.

This will allow everyone to tailor a wellness program depending on the individual preferences and objectives to improve health and appearance.

Wellness modules:

Module 1: Relaxation

Module 2: Deep relaxation

Module 3: Lymph drainage

Module 4: Detoxication

Module 5: Fitness

Module 6: Anti-cellulite

Module 7: Anti-cellulite for problem areas