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Low Frequency Magnetic Therapy

Low frequency magnetic therapy is the most popular type of magnetic therapy during which low frequency magnetic fields are used for medical, preventive and rehabilitation purposes.

Low-frequency magnetic fields have hypotensive action resulting from relaxation of non-striated muscles of peripheral vessels, normalize (reduce) blood clotting ability, stimulate metabolism. They intensify the production of releasing factors in the hypothalamus and of hypophysiotropic hormones that stimulate the function of reproductive organs, adrenal glands, thyroid body and other endocrine organs. It results in the formation of systemic adaptive reactions aimed at increasing resistance and tolerance of the organism to physical exercise.

The main medicinal effects of low frequency magnetic therapy are considered to be as follows: anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, trophic, hypocoagulating, vasoactive, pain alleviating, stimulating reparative processes, immunomodulatory.

Indications for assigning low frequency magnetic therapy include joint and spine diseases, burns, ischaemic ulcers, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, effects of closed brain injuries, encephalopathy, cerebral infarctions, peripheral nerve injuries, angiopathy, which includes diabetic, vegetative neurosis, arterial hypertension, etc.

Counterindications for low frequency magnetic therapy are acute phase of myocardial infarction, acute phase of cerebral circulation disorder, ischemia with heartbeat arrhythmia, hemorrhage and pregnancy.