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Ultrasonic peeling and ion(phono) phoresis

Ultrasonic face cleaning is made with apparatus SILK SONIC of Italian company Cesare Quaranta.

The apparatus produces ultrasound (elastic waves) at a frequency of 27,000 Hz with multiple positive effects:

- exfoliation of superficial layers of the skin;

- antibacterial sterilization;

- stimulation and optimization of microcirculation;

- deep hydration and restoration of local metabolism;

- return of a healthy skin and a fresh appearance.

Ultrasonic peeling produces exfoliation, which cleanses the skin of dead cells, sebum, bacteria and cosmetics residues. The skin is ready for any subsequent treatments, ready to absorb cosmetic products and micronized water. Instant result is clean, soft, delicate skin, free from dead cells and sebum with open and clean pores and hair follicles.

The skin may redden slightly after the procedure due to increased microcirculation. This phenomenon will disappear in a few minutes.

It is recommended to start all programs for improving the skin with an ultrasonic peeling.