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Baths with Saki Salt

Saki sea salt contains green micro-algae Dunaliella Salina.

Everybody knows about incontestable advantages of the Dead Sea salts. We have our own wonderful medicinal salts that are equal to the Israeli salts in quality. Saki sea salt contains green micro-algae Dunaliella Salina, which is a rich source of natural carotenoids-antioxidants: beta-carotenes (provitamin A), lutein, violoxantine, anteraxatine, as well as glycerol, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acid. Chemical composition of Saki sea salt also includes compounds of iodine, copper, bromine, calcium, sodium, magnesium, ferrum, potassium, manganese. Mineral baths with Saki sea salt improve blood circulation, tissue tropism and metabolism, have a regulative effect on functional status of the central nervous system by reducing stress, impatience and weariness, mitigate muscular, joint and rheumatic pains, clean the skin increasing its elasticity and tightness.

Saki salt baths have a beneficial effect on:

- peripheral nervous system and muscles;

- soft tissues and cartilaginous tissue in case of bone and joint diseases;

- function of the cardiovascular system;

- metabolic processes;

- blood circulation, microcirculation, blood rheological properties;

- immune system;

- skin.

A Saki salt bath kills the pain, relieves stress, mitigates fatigue, stimulates regenerative process, removes radionuclides, normalizes endocrine profile.

Counterindications: pregnancy, acute arterial hypertension, thrombosis, embolism, tuberculosis, tumors, infectious diseases, personal intolerance.