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Circular Douche

A circular douche (mantel douche) is a type of moderate pressure douche. To make it work a special installation is used. It consists of a network of vertical pipes arranged in a circle and forming an incomplete circle at the top and at the bottom. There are small openings at the pipeline inner surface through which water is fed on the patient. During a circular douche a patient is exposed to a large number of horizontal jets directed at his body under pressure. They have an expressed stimulating effect on peripheral receptors and tone the central nervous system. A course of douches improves vegetative regulation of functions, activates the compensatory and adaptive mechanisms, normalizes metabolism. 

The main indications for applying the circular douche are cardiopsychoneurosis, primary stages of arterial hypertension, exhaustion. It should be remembered that people with considerable predominance of excitatory process over the inhibitory ones, events of irritable weakness, as well as with pronounced asthenization are badly suited for the circular douche, especially at low temperature of water and high pressure.