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Gas Bubble Baths


A hydrotherapeutic procedure during which water is artificially saturated with natural air. Thousands of air bubbles smoothly rise from the bottom of the bath, tenderly slide over the skin stimulating its receptors and give a micromassage.

Hydrotherapeutic effect of gas bubble baths is supplemented by the effect of salts, oils, drugs diluted in water.

Our health resort offers gas bubble baths:

- with sea salt;

- with iodide-bromine sea salt;

- with hydrogen sulfide sea salt;

- with sea salt and valerian extract;

- with sea salt and eucalyptus extract;

- with sea salt and calendula extract;

- with sea salt and beggars-ticks extract;

- with pine needle extract;

- with bischofite;

- with peat oxidate;

- with Saki lake salt;

- with sea salt and dark chocolate;

- with sea salt and milk chocolate;

- with sea salt, milk, honey and essential oils (Cleopatra’s bath).