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Turpentine Baths

Various types of turpentine baths as a separate treatment method are applied in therapy of a large number of diseases. In medicine they are simply unrivaled in their effectiveness and scale of diseases they treat.

Turpentine Baths and Heart Diseases

In 1937 turpentine baths were proved to not only expand capillaries, but also increase the number of vessels, accelerate the blood flow, widen coronary vessels, improve metabolic processes in the myocard. Their use reduces the risk of myocardial infraction. Restored blood circulation gradually normalizes the heart rhythm and strengthens the heart muscle. Effect of essential drugs is increased owing to enhanced delivery of medications directly to each cell of the myocard, therefore making it possible to reduce the dosage of applied medications.

Turpentine Baths and Vessel Diseases

Turpentine baths improve peripheric circulation, therefore are assigned for treatment of patients with perfusion insufficiency in lower limbs, signs of atherosclerosis and microcirculatory disorders. Scientific research has proved the efficiency of the baths when it comes to treatment of ischemic heart disease, essential hypertension, arterial and venous insufficiency of lower limbs, peripheral arterial disease.

Turpentine Baths and Joint Diseases

As far back as 1968 scientists proved that the baths improve metabolism in the nervous, muscle and osteochondral tissues by exercising excitatory influence on skin receptors. The findings are widely applied when it comes to treatment of joint diseases, spine disorders, athletic injuries, as part of preparation to competitions.

Turpentine baths help quickly restore mobility of an affected joint when it comes to chronic infectious arthritis. Speaking of deforming arthrosis, pronounced therapeutic effect and considerable reduction of pain can be observed already after 5 – 7 procedures.

White turpentine baths have a pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. They have shown notable results in normalization of body weight, which also enhances the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system.

Turpentine Baths and Spinal Diseases

Studies revealed that white turpentine baths not only improve metabolism in the nervous, muscle and osteochondral tissues, but also have a particularly favorable effect on phosphoric metabolism, therefore improving the tropism of cartilaginous tissue of intervertebral disks. It is fair to say that the baths are a cartilage protector, in other words are capable of restoring cartilaginous tissue of joints and the vertebral column. A result (easing of pains, increasing mobility of the spine) can be observed already after 3 – 4 procedures.

Turpentine Baths and Diabetes Mellitus

There are a number of publications dedicated to the use of common yellow turpentine baths for treating patients suffering from distal diabetic polyneuropathy. As a result of therapy improved clinical progression of diabetic angiopathy, accelerated tissue healing as a result of recovery of microcirculation were observed in many patients. Blood viscosity was reduced, vessel wall tonus and wall permeability of blood vessels were recovered, muscle blood flow increased. It is a perfect way to prevent the most dangerous complications (necrosis, gangrene) that such patients can face.

A notable reduction of blood sugar caused by lowered volume of somatotropic hormone in blood, increase in insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance of tissues is observed. All these processes help liquidate one of the pathogenic stages of vascular events associated with diabetes mellitus.

Turpentine Baths and Problem-Prone Skin

Clinical observations prove that turpentine baths contribute to resolution of internal and external scars and commissures forming from connective tissue as a result of traumas, injuries, burns and other diseases. This has found application and is widely used in cosmetology.

Clinical investigations have proved their rejuvenating effect that smoothes the face and reduces the depth of wrinkles. Clinical studies performed during treatment with the use of turpentine baths have established that white turpentine baths help quickly stop rashes in furunculosis, psoriasis, neurodermatosis and diffuse scleroderma patients.

Turpentine Baths and Excess Weight (Cellulitis)

Restored microcirculation normalizes metabolism, reduces cholesterol level, improves blood circulation in problem areas, therefore promotes quick reversal of cellulitis symptoms and normalization of fat metabolism.

Turpentine Baths and Respiratory Diseases

Improvement of blood flow in pulmonary tissue promotes quicker resolution of inflammations and swollenness of bronchi. Lung capacity is increased. Sputum discharge improves due to better blood microcirculation in pulmonary alveoli, breathing improves. Removal of toxic agents from alveoli becomes easier. Turpentine fumes have bactericidal effect, which is an excellent way of preventing airborne diseases.

Turpentine Baths in Urology

The baths amplify the effect of essential drugs by facilitating their delivery directly to the disease site. In case of chronic prostatitis quick reversal of inflammation takes place, and activity of the prostate is normalized due to better microcirculation. The baths are proved to be very effective when it comes to curing male infertility and erectile dysfunction. Restoration of capillaries permeability promotes blood filling of cavernous bodies, erectile restoration.

Turpentine Baths in Gynecology

Restored blood circulation quickly reduces inflammatory processes in the lesser pelvis. Hormonal state and menstrual cycle normalize, as a result metabolism is recovered and body weight becomes normal. The effect is achieved in case of peritoneal commissures, infertility, chronic adnexitis, etc. There are good results in what refers to treatment of myomatous nodules, but a final decision must be made by a gynecologist.

Turpentine Baths and Nervous System Diseases

Restored blood circulation in affected brain regions causes quick liquidation of paralyses and palsies in the rehabilitation period of acute cerebrovascular disease. Nerve conduction velocity increases, functioning of the autonomic nervous system stabilizes. The baths prove to be effective when it comes to curing children who had poliomyelitis, viral encephalitis, or suffer from infantile cerebral palsy.

Turpentine Baths as a Prophylactic Remedy

Studies aimed at examining the effect of turpentine baths to the organism of practically healthy people proved that turpentine switches the organism to a more economic mode, which means it spends fewer resources on life support. Consequently major organs and systems “wear off” much less with age, and this in its turn is a direct way to extend life expectancy. Such changes occur in people who constantly engage in sports activities. In practice you train your organism as you lie in a bath.

There are two stock solutions of turpentine for baths.

Yellow turpentine emulsionis a solution where turpentine is mixed with castor oil and oleic acid. Oleic acid applied to make the yellow emulsion belongs to the group of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Oleic acid penetrates into the body through skin and actively binds free radicals, slows down the ageing process in cells, normalizes oxidation-reduction reactions and metabolism. Rapid combustion of toxic metabolites starts in the capillary network, dissolution of pathological deposits in joints, vessel walls, tendons takes place. The yellow emulsion reduces arterial blood pressure.

White turpentine emulsion is an emulsified form of turpentine. It makes capillaries open, does vascular gymnastics, improves blood circulation, promotes waste removal, increases oxygen supply and influx of nutrients to organs and tissues, promotes the improvement of histotrophic nutrition and development of collateral circulation. Capillaries of internal organs, such as heart, liver, kidneys, start to work actively. Under the influence of turpentine emulsion collapsed capillaries open and start contracting actively pumping blood to cells. The white emulsion increases arterial blood pressure.