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Laboratory diagnostics

The laboratory is equipped with modern appliances: automatic hematology analyzer AcT Diff produced by Bekman Coulter (USA), designed for general clinical blood tests; automatic biochemical analyzer A-15 produced by BioSystems (Spain), designed to determine a wide range of the following biochemical parameters of blood with a high degree of accuracy:

- Lactate dehydrogenase;

- Aspartate aminotransferase;

- Alanine aminotransferase;

- Gamma-glutamyl;

- Alkaline phosphatase;

- Uric acid;

- Total protein;

- Albumin;

- Urea;

- Creatinine;

- Total bilirubin;

- Direct bilirubin;

- Amylase;

- Glucose;

- Total cholesterol;

- HDL cholesterol;

- LDL cholesterol;

- Calcium;

- Iron;

- Phosphorus.